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 A Fun Evening

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PostSubject: A Fun Evening   A Fun Evening I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 11, 2011 7:32 am

he was sitting on the bed in her robe when he walked in the room, acting as though nothing had happened, and Jo looked up with a smile. If he wanted to play that way, it was fine by her. She knew what she wanted, and she knew what Devi wanted too.

She got up slowly and walked towards him with a smile. Looking up, she met his eyes with passion, her hands wasting no time with his pants. Before he could even think, they were unbuttoned and laying on the floor and he stood before her in his boxers. Standing on tip toe, she began to kiss him as they stumble back towards the bed. The kiss stopped only long enough to pull the shirt over his head, and then she kissed him more urgently and turned them around, pushing him back onto the bed. Her silky robe fell to the floor with a whisper just before she leaned down and pulled the boxers slowly, smiling as they joined her robe on the floor.

Sliding onto the bed with him, her finger traced the lines of his chest, her lips grazed his only slightly before she moved on top of him. Looking down, she chuckled a bit at the look of surprise on his face as she began to nibble on his ear and kiss his neck. Her lips moved lower, and lower, kissing the trail made moments before by her finger, hair falling over him, tickling him as she moved towards his stomach. She stopped to nip lightly from time to time, but never for too long. Her bare breasts pressed against him as she slid farther down, pressing her fingers into his thighs just hard enough to make him wince as she bit him just below the hip before continuing along the trail she was following. Glancing up to meet his gaze, she smiled briefly and cupped his balls gently in her hand. Still holding his gaze, she began to lick the tip of his cock, then stopped to smile at him again before running her tongue along his length, teasing ever so slightly. A soft moan escaped her lips as she knew she couldn’t take much more. Teasing him was only teasing her more. She took his cock in her mouth suddenly, her tongue circling the tip, sucking gently at first. Her hand slid up from his balls to the base of his cock as her tongue worked along the bottom, her mouth moving slowly. She would stop and glance up from time to time just to see the look in his eyes, before continuing. Reaching up, she takes his hand gently and places it on the back of her neck and smiles up at him, her tongue flicking over the the tip as she stopped to tease him a bit more, just as she heard Devi come into the room behind her.


Devalynn entered the room, a smirk present on her face. She was wearing tight leather pants and nothing above the waist but a bra. Her eyes immediately went to Jo, as would anyone's who was in their right mind, as the girl before her seemed to be perfection in itself. She grinned and walked forward towards the girl.
“A little busy are we?” she said with a smirk, leaning over to kiss Jo softly, “hope you don't mind me inturrupting.”
She chuckled and then turned her attention to the man lying on the bed, her eyes moving from his face down to his swollen cock. She winked and then sat down on the bed, she purred into Jo's ear and then nibbled it softly, and then move down to bite the inside of his thigh, dangerously close to his dick. She ran her finger along his shaft lightly and then moved back to her, nibbling her on the neck. She then ran her fingers along Jo's exposed pussy, her finger rubbing gently against her clit.
Turning to him again she licked a circle around the head of his dick, licked gently along his shaft and then with her free hand she massaged his ball while gently licking his cock, her hot breath on his skin. She then suddenly shoved as much as she could of it into her mouth, moving back and forth in rhythm, slowly at first and then slightly faster. She used her hands to massage his balls as she sucked on his hard cock, but just as she felt he was about to cum, she stopped, a mischievous grin on her face. She knew it was agony for him, but she wasn't done playing just yet.


Jo couldn’t help but laugh to herself when Devi walked in the room. She knew that Devi would make sure this was something he would never forget on so many levels. He should have never left the way he did, he brought this on himself.

“Luv, I am so glad you are here. You know you could never interrupt me” as she forgot the man beneath her and wrapped her arms around Devi, drawing her closer to enjoy her lips. Mmm, how she had missed those lips. She couldn’t help but whimper as Devi sat on the bed. Jo wanted nothing more than to feel her close, yet couldn’t help but smile as the other woman took control. Moaning softly, she moved against Devi's hand and watched as she made him moan even more. Watching her tease was something that always brought a smile.

With a quiet smirk she leaned down, biting his thigh hard as he tried to push himself up to Devi as she stopped suddenly. “Can’t have that, luv” In order for this to work, he needed to lay back and enjoy for now. Jo reached kissed his stomach and chest, working her way back up, and just as she came to his lips, she stopped. She reached across the bed, her breasts brushing against him as she reached for the bottle she had just opened on the nightstand when he came in. Straddling him, her hips started to move slowly, teasing… Never letting him quite close enough as she offered him the bottle of scotch.

As he took the bottle, her attention turned back to Devi. Pulling her shirt off slowly as she met her eyes, Jo couldn’t help but bite her lip in anticipation. As soon as the shirt was off, she began making the pants disappear too. She was out of patience, and it was starting to show, though they both knew they needed to slow down a bit. Her hands moved back up slowly over Devi’s sides and around her back, pulling her closer to kiss her lips again.

'the dick'

He knew that they were torturing him, and he knew that he deserved it.. He knew in his mind that the goal here was to push him.. to remind him of what he had lost, of what he had royally fucked when he royally fucked someone else.
His eyes stayed glued to the pair as they enjoyed one another, revelling in the sight, but yearning beyond belief to reach out to touch. Uneasily he reached a hand forward to rest it on Joann's side, running his fingers downward, carressing her hip, wincing as he shot back another gulp of the scotch she had offered him.
He had come here with the intent to kneel at her feet and beg... But here he was.. somewhere he had been only in the darkest depths of dreams, and even with the alpha bitch here.. the one he hated for taking his Jo from him.. He was upon the edge of ecstasy, just touching the gloriously soft skin of the one he had loved and lost.

Devi nibbled gently on Jo's lower lip as she kissed her, her arms wrapping around the other girl's body. She bit Jo's neck, her tongue moving against her soft flesh. She moved her hand to rub against Jo's pussy, her fingers inside of her while she bit a trail up her neck and to her earlobe, finally finishing with a kiss to her lips, her teeth scraping gently along the girl's tongue. Devi glanced at the man on the bed, the little dick who thought he could get away with fucking around with her Jo.

Devi stood up and walked away from the bed and towards the dresser, opening the top drawer and sticking her hand in until she felt metal. She grinned and withdrew three pairs of handcuffs. She glanced back mischievously at him, then at her, winking and then walking back towards the bed, the handcuffs held behind her back. She dropped two of them on the bed near Jo, and then pounced upon the bed.

She grabbed ahold of his arms, her nails digging into them as she straddled his chest. She locked a cuff around his wrist and then looped it through the bedpost and then around his other wrist. She growled down at him, her face very close to his, and then she bit his lower lip, hard, smirking as she looked into his eyes.

Jo knew as soon as Devi got up from the bed what she was doing, and couldn’t help but smile as the cuffs landed by her with a clinking sound. Leaning forward, she kisses his lips gently, tasting the scotch on them and moaning as she pulled away. Turning, she reached for the handcuffs and looked over at Devi with a look that spoke volumes. Not knowing if they were taking it too far, she was confused. She knew she had not gotten what she wanted yet, but she was unsure what that was at this point. Revenge or satisfaction? As she looked in Devi’s eyes, she knew it was both.

As her hand tightened around the handcuffs, she moved herself so she was still straddling him, and began running the cold metal slowly down his leg. Moving her hips just slightly, she let his cock slide into her, filling her completely, but just once. As she raised herself almost off of him she began to move in tiny motions. Keeping the tip of him inside her and teasing as she slid the cuffs on him. One around each ankle. Then she rose back up, dragging her nails along his legs, with just enough pressure for him to feel, yet not quite enough to break skin. Still teasing him, her pussy barely around the head of his dick as her hands reached his thighs, her hands stopped abruptly. Glancing back at Devi, she dug her nails into the flesh of his inner thigh hard to stop his movements when he started trying to find his way deeper inside. Then, grateful he couldn’t see the look on her face, she took a deep breath and got up suddenly and walked to the end of the bed. She looked up at him with determination and slipped the open end of one cuff around the bedpost, and quickly moved to the other one.

'the dick'
His eyes followed Devi's hands as she moved upon Jo's body, remembering days when he had touched the hidden places in her, driven into them until the girl's frantic moans matched his owns.. He wanted it now, he wanted to splay her out where he was and give her the passion that burned in him, that she teased him with. His eyes turned to the bitch when she released Jo, rising from the bed toward the dresser, wondering at what she saught there. Before he had a moment to think the bitch was straddling him. He could feel her cunt against his skin as her legs hugged his sides, and even through hatred, the image of her bent backwards over the bed and fuck her 'til she screamed his name, have in pain, half in pleasure. He nearly moaned as she bit his lip, moving upward to reach for more when she cuffed him. Surprise registered on his face as she chained him to the bed and he arched his back to rub himself against the wet spot between her legs. She was playing hard- and he would play hard back. He didn't have to love her like he did Jo, the woman he had come here to see who Devi blocked from view as she turned something like a dream, to a wet hard screaming nightmare.

Jo's lips were a frightening difference from that of Devi's. She was soft where Devi was hard, and it shook his mind to find soft, supple lips against his, he wanted to reach a hand up and pull her closer, his mind practically screamed for it.. But that bitch had chained him..
Cold metal on his leg startled him, a direct contradiction to the heat of her pussy on him where Devi's had just been, warm, hot, a physical confirmation that he yearned like he did, but he wondered at the thoughts playing behind her beautiful enigmatic eyes.
It took him a moment to register what the cold steal was- but barely had time to register when she slid down on him, his cock pulsing inside her, threatening to explode from the warmth in her.
When she moved back he tried to thrust upward again, barely thinking, all he wanted was to move inside her again, to find a rhythm, to fuck until she moaned his name again, just once.. his name on her lips..
A groan escaped him as she rotated over the head of his cock, teasing with the warmth enveloping the end of him, his shaft beating with need. He barely noticed the click of the cuffs 'round his ankles, his moan deepening as she ran her nails along his skin.
He noticed the cuffs, when she rose off him- pulling herself off of the end of his dick, he tried to move with her, to pull her back, to throw her down and take her, the feel of harsh steel cold and restraining against his skin as she withdrew to the end of the bed, her face hidden from him as she finished with his restraints. Something seemed off and he yearned to go to him, to take her in his hands, to crush her against himself and listen to her scream his name but she wouldn't so much as look at him.
He turned to the bitch then, the woman who had pulled the cuffs from the drawer, whose idea it had been to restrain him in the first place and he pulled against the bindings, without so much of an idea as to whether he would rather take Devi and make her scream in pleasure- or pain.

After watching him for a moment, smiling with satisfaction when he realized his situation, yet somehow still yearning for what was. Shaking her head quickly, Jo walked over to where Devi was and stood at the edge of the bed for a bit, looking from her to him and back again, wondering if she could really go through with this.
At just that moment, she saw something in him change. That cold look in his eye and she remembered it all, and knew there was no turning back.
Her eyes fixed on his face, she climbed back on the bed, slowly, methodically, and laid down so her head was resting on his chest. Her hair spread out over him, covering his chest and stomach, strands of it tickling his face. She could feel his heart beating faster, harder as she pulled Devi down to her, never even looking back at him. As soon as she felt Devi’s skin against hers, she knew.

Devi looked at him and chuckled at his helplessness. She could sense the hatred in his eyes when he looked at her, she reveled in it. It simply made what she was about to do even more pleasurable, and she returned each scathing glance he gave with an even more scathing look of her own. She knew that Jo had some reservations, but she was certain that she would get over them in time.

Devi smirked, lowered her head to his nipple and circled her tongue around it gently, before giving it a hard bite, a low growl in her throat. She turned to Jo, watching as the girl lay next to her with her head on his chest. She inched forward so her head was on his chest as well, her eyes level with Jo's and she kissed her, reaching over to entangle her hand with Jo's soft hair. She turned and bit his nipple again roughly, biting a trail from his nipple to his neck. She then traced a line across his neck with her finger, and then grabbed hold of his neck and squeezed, cutting off his air. She leaned in next to his ear and bit his lobe.
“Time to pay you little fucker,” she whispered, giving one last squeeze and then letting go of his neck.

'the dick'
The image of Jo and Devi standing together was painful to him, to see the woman he loved go so willingly into the arms of a woman who used her, who kept her from him, from his arms where she should be.
He let forth a sigh when Jo moved from the woman, the pressure of seeing them together taken from him for a moment as her hair spread across his skin, the quiet warmth of her cheek against his chest. She used to lay there, to listen to his heart in the quiet of the night- but then she had looked at him, her jaw hadn't tightened then at the rising rhythm of his heartbeat like it did now. He could practically feel the anger pulsing through her veins as every muscle in her sweet limbs tightened.
His own limbs tightened when she pulled Devi down next to her, the woman she hid behind and the laugh that echoed through the other woman's throat came forward as more of growl than any semblance of mirth, and his hatred of her renewed itself. She was pushing his lovely sweet Joann, forming her into a creature of vengeance, something she had never been and he loathed her with every ounce of blood in his system for turning Jo against him.
He groaned when she took his nipple in her mouth, and his cheeks flushed at the massaging of her tongue, his cock growing harder again against his own will. He didn't want to want her, he didn't want that vision of driving himself against her, but there it was, unbidden until she bit down with a growl, a gasp echoing from his throat as the image turned red and bled away from his mind.
He couldn't so much as open his eyes to watch her kiss Joann.. He didn't want to see it anymore.. He didn't want to look or know that Jo's warm full lips welcomed hers where they turned his away. He flinched again when she bit him again but his body still found pleasure as she ran her mouth from chest to neck.
When she grabbed his neck his eyes shot open, half in anger, half in fear. He let the frightened expression take over his face for only a moment as he looked to Jo for help, for forgiveness, for anything but found her eyes averted from his, so he turned to the anger that would protect him, raising his chained hands against the restraints to display Devi a pair of matching middle fingers.
"Fuck you." He spat at her between laboured breaths, inhaling deeply and closing his eyes again as she released him, her hateful words echoing through his mind as he burned.

His anger was almost too much for her to handle. She flinched at the sound of his voice, so filled with rage. He used it to put up walls and kept her out for far too long. She wasn’t going to let him do that now. He was going to be open and feel every moment of this in his soul. No more of his hiding behind anger and pain.

Touching the other woman’s arm softly, seeking out her deep green eyes, her own eyes pled for Devi to understand. She lifted her head slowly from his chest and sat up, pulling Devi with her. Smiling, she moved closer and kissed her deeply, arms wrapping around her back and holding her close for a moment before looking back at… him.

She pulled away from Devi and crawled over him to lie down alongside his body, her leg over his, she cupped his chin in her hand and turned him toward her. Giving into the moment she leaned in and kissed him softly, deeply. Her lips then moved over his cheek, then his neck, before settling on his ear. She nibbled softly there as her hand brushed over his side, slowly moving lower. As her hand made its way down his thigh and back up again, she paused to look into his eyes again while taking his dick into her hand firmly and whispers coarsely in his ear, “Can I trust you luv? I want your hands to touch me. I want to feel your breath against me. I need you to take me, fill me, make me scream your name. But, I can’t do that if Devi is not as happy as I. I want to watch while you make her moan in pleasure. I want to see your face when you slide inside her. I want to see what you felt the last time you were thinking of me while fucking someone else. Do you think you can do that? Can I trust you to not let me down?”

Reaching up, she let her hands glide over his body, from his cock where her hand still rested, all the way up to his arms, where they remained cuffed over his head, her nipple brushing across his lips just as her hand reaches his wrist and the handcuff. Hearing no reply, she paused and moved back down, looking at him with a question in her eyes.

Devi watched his face as she kissed his former love, grinning at the pain she saw there. She licked his ear and whispered “Jealous?” into it, her tone scathing and mocking. She chuckled at his hostility, not fazed at all by his display of anger.

“Fuck me? Do it babe I dare you. But I don't think you can handle me,” with a laugh she sunk her teeth into his neck and then turned her attention back to Jo, the expression on the girl's face making her own soften a little. She kissed her back gently, and lightly ran her hands over the girl's body, feeling her smooth skin, the way she acted with Jo a complete opposite from how she acted with him.

She watched as Jo kissed his filthy cheating lips, and listened as she whispered to him, a small smirk forming as she heard what she said. She watched as Jo's hands moved up to the cuffs. It would be a shame to let him go, as fucking with his mind while he was helpless to do anything was so fun, but seeing what he would do in this situation might just be even more fun.

'the dick'
His expression remained the same when Devi spoke, twisted in distaste as she challenged him- he'd give her the fuck of her life if she'd let him out of these damned restraints! He'd make her scream- hell yes he'd make her scream like a damned bitch in heat.
When Jo carressed Devi again he flinched, but he gritted his teeth together in anger as well.. She was being cruel, like the bitch, she was taking traits of that woman into herself and it tainted her, it massacered the image of the woman he loved that he had been holding in his mind. Practically blasphemy.
When Jo leaned down to him, the warmth of her body pressed against his he caught his breath in his throat again, he would never get used to that, never take the press of her body against him for granted again.
He nearly whimpered as she kissed him, yearning to reach out to her and keep her there forever, and to have her want to stay.. Not against her will.. He wanted her to yearn for it too.
The feel of her lips along his skin was mind blowing, he couldn't think straight, even when she had loved him, even the first time they had been together, he had never loved her like this, never craved her like this, it was nearly too much to bare.
Her hands sliding across his skin elicited an irrepresible groan from the depths of his throat, echoing through the room, the sound deepening as she took his dick in her soft little hand, nearly animalistic in his need of her and the feel of his shaft sliding into the heated space between her legs filled his mind again, doubling the longing of an addict.
The words she spoke barely registered in his mind as she breathed against his neck, sending shivers down his spine of pleasure, but his body turned cold when the meaning of her whispered questions tainting ecstasy with disgust and pain.
But for her.. For her he'd do it- for her he'd fuck the living shit out of the skank on the opposite side of the room, anything just to touch her again, his heartbeat rising as as she ran gentle hands across his form toward his restraints, the tender flesh of her nipple brushing against his lips, preventing an answer as he flicked his tongue out across it, pulling her breast into his mouth to taste.
"Yes Jo.." He moaned against her skin as he noticed her pause.
"Anything.. " He whispered, his breath hot against her, the words like a prayer from his lips.

She looked over at Devi to gauge her reaction just as his tongue sent shivers down her spine and his words left her trembling. To hear his the catch in his voice as he spoke her name, left her unsteady. Jo held herself up by sheer willpower alone. She could never let him see this side of her again. She couldn’t let him know the power he still held. If he knew, all her plans would be lost. He would never do what she asked if he caught on, even for a moment. She had to hate him. It was the only way she could escape this feeling that haunted her. He had to do what she asked of him, without ever questioning why. With one last glance at Devi, Joann quickly released his hands before she could change her mind.

She straddled him carefully. The heat from between her legs was amplified by the pulsations of his cock pressing against her. Gently, she pulled him up to a sitting position and took his hands in hers and massaged the wrists first one, then the other before looking into his eyes. “Remember your words. You can’t let me down this time …..” She left it open ended as his name almost slipped past her lips, and that could not happen yet. Kissing his lips lovingly, she remembered the past and pulled away with a small, almost remorseful smile. Jo then turned from him just before tears fell from her eyes, and began to free his feet.

Taking a deep breath, she muttered quietly, “Let the games begin”, as she turned back and crawled towards him, kissing every inch of his skin along the way starting at his ankles. Her face still glistened from her tears as she reached his thigh. Rather than let him see her pain, she stopped to show him some of his own and bit down hard enough to just break the skin of his inner thigh, then licked the wound gently. Her right hand slid up to his balls, her thumb, just underneath on that one spot that made him moan just so, massaging carefully. Her left hand held her as she pushed herself back up to make eye contact with him and smiled.

Devi almost laughed out loud at how submissive he became to Jo, her smirk becoming slightly larger. He looked so pathetic lying there staring up at Jo with his weepy puppy dog eyes. It was priceless, she wished she could take a picture to show him the next time he acted like a dick.

Her eyes wandered over to Jo, the girls confidence levels seemed to have lessened, she seemed hesitant. Devi tried to give her a reassuring look. 'He deserves this' she thought, saying the words in her look.

Devi watched Jo undo the handcuffs, seeing the pain on her face as she passed her. Devi took Jo`s hand for a moment and gave it a squeeze. She winked and then let go, then turned her eyes to the now free dick, a challenge in her gaze.
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A Fun Evening
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