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 Sinful nights (peice of a project)

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Sinful nights (peice of a project) Empty
PostSubject: Sinful nights (peice of a project)   Sinful nights (peice of a project) I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 22, 2009 4:37 am

The woman turned round the corner to the alley-way, the alley-way was a dark menacing almost living thing that seemed to breath danger. But the woman seemed un -caring or perhaps oblivious. Her breath made the cold obvious by the cold air visibility coming from her lungs. Her eyes stared straight ahead as she walked, not searching for danger like most would do in such a place.
The moon above highlighted the alleyway in an eerie blue. But it also made the woman’s flawless face glow like white and blue marble. Her flaming red hair stood out as it floated behind her like smoke blowing gently by some small breeze, yet there was not a whisper nor hint of a breeze that night.
The only noise that could be heard was the sound of her breath and resonating click of her heals on stone ground.
The shadows of trolleys, bins, discarded rubbish created shadows of monster and demons that seemed to trash about wildly to her eyes and she walked. The seemed to want her….to rip her apart piece by piece. Yet her demeanour seemed un-caring, she walked with confidence as she reached the last quarter of the long narrow alley-way.
The long black trench coat she wore elevated as she walked, her hands in her tight jeans pockets didn’t shake with the cold of the silent night. Her eyes glowed like red rubies in the shimmering blue night. Her bare arms showed lean muscle, showed her power.

She stopped before she reached the end of the alley-way and turned around facing the way she came. Her lips parted and formed a smirk, her lips moves she spoke.

“I know you are there…come out…I can smell you, I always could tell your scent best…Shane..”

A tall man seemed to emerge from the monsters shadow and stood several feet in front of her, he was built like a warrior, his long black jacket swaying behind him as he settled his position. The left hand side of his face was highlighted by the moon. The large tribal tattoos on his face were evident. His face breathed danger…mystery and intensity. His long muscle bound shoulders rolled and flexed and he folded his huge arms over the heavy pads of his chest. His lips opened to speak quietly, with no hint of hostility.

“And I always know where you are…Lexxi…”

She began to walk towards him with speed, her hands now out of her pockets were balled in a fist and shaking with what seemed anger. Her quick steps created a complex rhythm matching both of their breathing. When she reached him she looked up at him, a hissing noise rumbled from his chest.
She didn’t cower away but kept her position. She kept looking at him, speaking with her eyes, they were wide, but not with fear…something else.
Suddenly he put his arm around his waist and lifted her to his level, he grabbed her hair with his other free hand. His lips found hers with ferocity. They moved their lips in sync. The air around them seemed electric and alive. Her legs began to wrap around his waist as he pressed her back against the cold, dark stone wall.
Their breeding began to get heaving, the small moan she made grew his ferocity and he let out a growl, showing his control and his longing for her, yet but she commanded him by everything she done.
Her arms moved to his back and she ran her nails down the his back, his jacked began to rip from her sharp claws, blood seeped down fabric of the jacket. But he groaned in pleasure enjoying the sensation of the pain she gave him.
His hips began to move slowly between her legs as their intense kiss continued, suddenly she punched him away, he flew back and his heavy body hit the wall, cracking it and sending bricks shattering down.
He looked at her with anger but also sadness.
She stayed leaning against the wall, breathing raggedly and her knees shaking. Her clothes were messed and ripped in some parts. Her eyes met and she spoke quietly.

“…That was wrong…we should not have done that Shane…I want it but we can’t…oh god I want it…I want you again…”
“Save it, I know what you are going to say…I heard it all before, please save me my torment and go…just go!”

As she finished the last word he was gone, no footsteps no nothing. She let herself slide down against the wall and leaned her head on her lap and tried to calm herself. She craved him, his soft skin his hers. To hear his voice, to hear his moans….She began to shake as she though of the sound of his moans, but quickly dismissed the memories.

“Ah…..I hate this!”

She roared and slammed her fists against the hard ground, small cracks and puffs of dust arose where she pounded. When she finally stopped she looked up at the wall where his huge body had hit. Then looking around the empty alley-way.
It was totally silent, not a whisper, not a rodent to be heard scuttling around in the rubbish.
She dropped her head again and her body began to fade into a white smoke.
She was gone….

To be continued…………
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Sinful nights (peice of a project)
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